2018 A Year In Review with Lisa Fox

2018 brought a lot of new and noteworthy podcasts to You Be You & I’ll Be Me. I sat down with my friend , Lisa Fox, who has come on the podcast a few times before. I love chatting with Lisa. She is an entertaining, warm and funny person and an all around excellent guest on the podcast.

Lisa had her own show on the internet for a few years, which makes her an outstanding person to have on and to talk to. Our conversations flow very easily and we always have a great time. She is one of those women who is always rooting for you. We are both inspired by people who want to try something new, put themselves “out there” and just go for it. Why not? What have you got to lose?

Spiritualist Carolyn Myss, while addressing a group of people who were deciding to take the plunge into “What’s Next” once said, look at the person next to you and just start laughing. The bewildered group did as she asked and turned to each other and started laughing. When they finally quieted down she said, “There. They scariest thing you could ever imagine just happened. Someone just laughed in your face. Did you die? Are you still here? Good, now you know, who cares.” (I paraphrase but essentially, that’s how it went down.)

Entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, repeatedly says on his Instagram, the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur, (or in life), is to stop caring what other people think and do your thing. It’s not about likes, it’s about content. Who are you doing this for and what are your motives? Self awareness, extreme self honesty are your key assets in succeeding in whatever you do. Authenticity resonates.

I talk to people who are passionate about what they do. Who have gone through things in life that have taught them something that they want to pass on so others can hear them and know, either, I can do that too. Or yes, I feel or have felt that way. We have more in common than you think.

I started this as an exercise in finding our commonality. We are more alike at our core than we are different. We just get easily distracted with the stuff that just doesn’t matter. We all want our family to thrive and be happy. We all want good health. I could go on and on on the list that we can all agree on. I choose to focus on those things.

So thanks for coming on this ride with me. I love giving people a voice to be heard. Everyone has a story to tell. SO what’s yours?

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Be you, Have fun, Get it done.