Ohm In The Home Returns!

I sat down with my friend Stacey of Ohm In The Home. It’s always a pleasure to sit in her enchanted studio, Valhalla. Stacey has come on the podcast a handful of times now and I always love the opportunity for a great conversation. She is a truly gifted intuitive healer and her wisdom and insightful thoughts on life and how we can navigate it by being self aware and trusting our gut, (and how to get to the point where you know you can trust yourself to know best!), sage advice for all of us living in these crazy times.

You can find Stacey on Instagram and Facebook under Ohm In The Home. See her at the Montauk Salt Cave in the Huntington location or call her for a reading, a healing session or a phone session.

Ohm In The Home, where it all begins!