Kate Flynn is Swell

After a few technical difficulties, I got to sit down with my friend Kate Flynn. I met Kate at the Barre3 here in Santa Barbara, where she is an instructor. (Check out her class if you are in town, it's an ass kicker, but in a good way!) Always a super friendly and nice person when we would cross paths, I liked her right away. What I didn't know when I met her that she and her husband were entrepreneurs and co-owners of a healthy snack food line called Swell Foods. (Follow on Instagram! They have great recipes and tips!) I also didn't know that she was a Harvard Business School grad who traded in her power suit for athletic wear and an apron. (Kate had never mentioned Harvard, I thought it was a requirement for HBS grads to tell you they were HBS grads within 15 minutes of meeting them?? JUST KIDDING)

Kate and I talked about Barre3, her company Swell and how to figure out how to find your passion. I love, love, love talking to people that are passionate about what they do. Listening to inspired people is in itself, inspiring. Passion has a vibrant energy attached to it, and energy, good or bad, is contagious. So you are responsible for the energy you bring so always bring your best and try to steer clear of the people who bring your vibration down. Life is short and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be fun.