Please allow me to introduce myself....

Jen Kessenich You Be You

Hey, thanks for checking in! My name is Jen Kessenich and I am a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, golf fitness coach, as well as a meditation and breath work coach and in my personal life I’m also a wife, mother, daughter and a friend.  My goal with this blog as well as the podcast is to share great Intel on anything and everything that is going to make you, the reader or listener feel better! I am going to be talking to people about what they are passionate about and what are they doing when they are running on all 6 cylinders and are completely in their zone and happy. Because when you hear someone talk about something positive that they are fired up about it ignites something in you and you get fired up too.

Only you have control over your self care, personal happiness and over all well being, but I want to share all the information I have gathered in my own journey over the years in an effort to enable you to lighten your load, find something out you didn’t know before or just have a laugh. One of the greatest joys in life is to gather with uplifting friends who make you laugh and lift your spirit. I hope you find that feeling here.  

My blog posts are going to accompany the podcast’s and give you a little description about what to expect this week.  In my very first podcast of You be You & I’ll Be Me, I introduce myself and tell you my background in an effort for you to get to know me, my family and my journey in figuring out how you begin to follow your dreams. I got the name you be you and I’ll be me after this crazy year of listening to the news and hearing everyone trying to tell each other what to think and how they aren’t doing it right and you are wrong, etc. I would listen and think to myself haven’t any of these people who are on television ever been in a relationship or raised a child? Because its been my experience that as soon as you try to force your way of thinking down someone’s throat or try to tell them what to think the natural reaction is to shut down. No one wants to be told what to do and to heal and move forward we have to come together in a way that allows you to be who you are and for me to be who I am. So you be you and I’ll be me was born. I believe our purpose in this life is to not to shape ourselves into someone we think we should be but rather to find out who we already are and be that. Oh! And laugh as much as humanly possible along the way.