Montauk Salt Cave

A few deep breaths can change your whole day!

Montauk Salt Cave

Born from wanting to find relief for their young son's severe allergies, Peter and Shannon Coppola had tried it all and when someone suggested a session in a salt room they were beyond thrilled to find their son actually found relief and fell asleep peacefully.  The anti inflammatory properties of the salt helps breathing, autoimmune, skin conditions as well as a myriad of other ailments. (Plus its just soo relaxing!)

They thought maybe they would look into building one in their home so he could sit in it all the time but then said, why not build something so more people could find relief. (love!)

So the Montauk Salt Cave was created!

They hold yoga and reiki and meditation sessions. It’s a cool and dimly lit beautiful room and as Shannon says, the perfect spot for adult nap time. Anti-gravity chairs and fleece blankets are the icing on the cake.

The Coppola’s are paying it forward for sure. Check them out in Montauk, Huntington and coming soon to NYC!


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