Follow your Heart with Lisa Fox

No matter what it is, don't be afraid to follow your heart.

I recently sat down with my friend, Lisa Fox. Lisa had an online television show for two years that she put on right from her kitchen. She would find interesting people with a story to tell and have them come to her studio she and her husband created in their home.

Lisa got the idea after not getting the part in Oprah's search for the next television host. She still really wanted to do it and thought, I still have this inside of me and it's an itch that still needs to be scratched. So her online show was made! For two years she delivered a show every Thursday night. Was it scary? Yup! But she did it anyway.

It's ok to be scared, follow the fear because its usually hiding exactly what it is that is going to bring you joy and happiness.

Make yourself proud, go for it!

Be nice, have fun, get it done!