Proud Pour

Berlin Kelly created Proud Pour, a wine company with a conscience. As Berlin explains, she wanted to create the Tom's Shoes of the alcohol industry, and she is succeeding!

The first vintage Berlin produced is, The Oyster, a delicious sustainably grown, vegan sauvignon blanc that comes in a bottle with a beautiful blue and white label with a clean design and BONUS!, an oyster shell tied with twine around the bottle neck. For each bottle purchased 100 wild oysters are restored to local waters. (Did you listen to Moriches Bay Project episode yet? Oysters are hard working bivalves!)

Next up is an Oregon Pinot Noir that when you buy a bottle, 875 wildflowers are planted on farms to provide 90 sq feet of bee habitat! Did you know the bees are sick? Podcast coming soon with my friend who is a bee keeper to hear more about how important this really is! I tried the pinot as well and its fab!

In addition to this Berlin, goes on to say they are creating a craft beer to benefit sea turtles as well as a cider for soil health!

I loved chatting with her. It's inspiring when you are around a person who walks the walk. Check out for more info and ask your local wine store to stock up!

Cheers to change!