Hamptons Psychic

Never apologize for trusting your intuition- your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.


I got a chance to sit down with Julie Dyer, also known as the Hamptons Psychic yesterday! Say what you will about social media, but I reach out and get reached out to by the coolest, nicest, people. Julie started following me on Instagram and as soon as I saw @hamptonspsychic I thought "oooh, who is that???"  I followed her right back and over the next few weeks got to "feel her vibe" and see what she was all about a little more through her uplifting and always positive posts. So I sent her a DM and asked her if she wanted to come on the podcast.

We hit it off right away. Julie told her story of how she started to realize as a teenager that she was drawn to things from the metaphysical realm and soon began to hear messages and sometimes see things. But as in all the classic Hero's Journey stories, she at first resisted.

She picked things back up in her forties and really decided to embrace this gift she had taken for granted all these years. She studied with Angel experts and mediums and honed her craft. She even teaches classes of her own now, mentoring her students on how to trust their instincts and tune into their intuition. We all have the capability, some more than others, to listen to our intuition and trust that it is telling you the answers we all seek.

I really enjoyed chatting with Julie. If you want a reading, to take her class or have her to a gathering you can reach out to her on Instagram or Twitter  @hamptonspsychic

Until then, work hard, have fun, peace.