One Love, God Bless

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk this path. –Buddha


I sat down for a very emotional talk with Carol Thorne Van Hoesen, Corrine Van Hoesen, and Christy Van Hoesen Salerno about their beloved son and brother Scott who they lost to death by suicide four years ago.

They tell their story of how Scott, who was a sweet, kind, sensitive and troubled man who ultimately felt that everyone would be better off if he wasn’t here anymore. Everyone loved Scott and thought he was the greatest guy ever, unfortunately Scott was the only one who didn’t understand how much he meant to the world.

This family has been through a lot and have educated themselves about suicide and wanted to talk about Scott, his issues and what people can do to help a loved one who has thoughts of suicide and help families who have to deal with post suicide of a loved one.

They are a tight group and the love they have for each other is apparent. They are navigating the before and after that day with grace.

 If you or anyone you know is struggling with these thoughts they are here for you. Reach out to them, they want to help you. I love this family, we worked at their Brother/Uncles bar back in the day and I often say if it weren’t for this family I wouldn’t have my family. Scott’s legacy lives on with his 3 beautiful children and his nieces and nephews, sisters, cousins and everyone who knew him.

One Love, God Bless. Miss you Scott, You never knew how loved you were. But you do now.