John Mabry and the Real Cause of Addiction

I got a chance to have a conversation with John Mabry, about the real cause of addiction. He bravely tells his personal story about struggling with addiction, depression and PTSD for over a decade following a fatal car accident that subsequently resulted in the loss of his leg. Things became significantly worse for John after the loss of his brother from drug overdose.

As John says, he went from attending parties at the playboy mansion to living in a trailer in Tennessee with a roommate named Beaver. He tells his story honestly and with humor.

Today John is a national advocate for recovery living in Nashville, TN with his wife and their three children. John hosts a podcast called High Sobriety for Addiction Campuses. You can follow John on Instagram and Twitter @Johnclintmabry and if you or a loved one needs help that is over your pay grade check out


Great talk! Thanks John!

Be you, have fun, get it done.