Ohm In The Home Is Back!

Grey skies are gonna clear up!

I love when I get a chance to talk to Stacey Gunnard from Ohm in the Home. Her insight, humor and intuition is a gift and she brings it!!

We sat down and talked about life, anxiety, feeling the feels and so much more. Stacey does healing energy work and intuitive readings as well as leads meditations at her home studio in East Patchogue called Val Halla. She also does phone readings and her reading for me the first time we met was spot on.

I was feeling anxious the morning we met for some reason and as soon as she opened the door, she said so what's wrong? Before I even opened my mouth. We had a great conversation that I invite you to listen to. Give Stacey a call for your own appointment/reading at 516-906-3155