The Empty Nest Handbook

Your Love Is Your Life

Your love is what you will.

Your will governs your thoughts.

Your thoughts result in actions.

Your actions, what you do, is your life.

Love well, be well.

Love good, be good.

-Rob Simons

In the dictionary, empty nest syndrome is described as sadness or emotional distress affecting parents whose children have grown up and left home. Well, I suppose that’s true, but it can simultaneously be an opportunity and an exciting time of your life.

Today I chatted with Jane Simons who created an instagram account chronicling her life post empty nest. When I spoke with her she was on day 398! We talk about what’s next when the kids leave home? Reconnecting with yourself, losing a parent, reconnecting with your spouse or significant other and much more.

If you have been an empty nester for years, or you’re new to it or you’re anticipating it someday soon, I urge you to follow The Empty Nest Handbook on instagram. The posts are authentic and funny and sometimes sad but always thoughtful and insightful. One of my recent particular faves was day 386, where Jane lists the differences between she and her husband. It made me laugh out loud for real.

Follow along, make the tribe bigger. We get through the hard stuff by leaning on and learning from each other. We are all in this together after all.