Me Too? More like, Who Hasn't?

Do no harm, but take no shit. – a woman.


Me too. More like, who hasn’t?


This was an impromptu podcast, in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the silver lining is that we are now sharing FB posts that say Me too. Shedding light onto the dark subject of women being sexually harassed. After the year we have had of Trump and his talk of his grabbing tendencies, executives being outed and fired for harrassment, everybody's favorite tv Dad Bill Cosby being a rapist. It comes as no shock that the casting couch is a real thing. I love that Harvey is being exposed for the dog that he is, that he has always been, and that everyone who knows him always knew. 

I’ve had my own experiences with harassment over the years. I’m sure 99.9% of women, (not a real study- just a guess) Have had to deal with some form or another of harassment.

When it came to the time when I saw my own daughter experience it, I finally felt the shift. I didn’t know better for myself but my mama bear instincts kicked in when I saw my own child deal with it, and as my kids will tell you to this day, don’t mess with us, our mom is crazy.

It made me so angry, my blood was boiling that she was having to deal with this. But it made my husband and Iaware and it made us teach our kids, this is not ok, don’t ever put up with it and don’t ever stand by and watch it happening to someone else without speaking up. We are all responsible for each other.


Know your worth dear, you're priceless.