Do you...

This week I got to sit down with two of my daughters, Kelly and Beth. The bookends, the oldest and the youngest. And while their drive and determination are similar they are polar opposites in other aspects of life. Beth is a self described cardigan and pearls wearing over achieving first born and Kelly is concert black tee-s and tattoos no F's left to give baby of the family. (For now, I am allowing room for tastes to change as they age, at least I hope they never stop changing and evolving!)

Beth finds happiness in being dedicated to her work and the causes her huge heart gives time and attention to. Already a full schedule she talks about how she is going to juggle the demands of getting her masters at Columbia this spring and how all these pieces to the puzzle fit together to make her run on all six cylinders.

And Kelly talks about how she took the road less traveled, had a gap semester and a cross country road trip with her boyfriend of four years before heading to SCAD this past spring. Art school has turned out to be her happy place where she can find fellow beat to their own drum kind of peeps.

Point is, they are being true to themselves and figuring out who they really are and what they are doing when they are fired up and excited about life. They are different but the love each other and allow each other to be who they are without judgment, (haha just kidding, they totally judge, but they still love each other, let's be real.) I could not be happier for them and am thrilled that they are working hard, having fun, and getting it done.