The Earth Day Blog

This past weekend was Earth Day! Here out on the East end of Long Island where I live we are an environmentally minded group for the most part. We get so many of our resources from the land and the sea between the fisherman, the farmers and the wineries out in these parts it is important to know what your ingesting as well as getting involved in your community to make it the best place possible to live!

I spent my week talking to and interacting with people who live a life of service to others in one way or another. One of the speakers at a festival I went to that I talk about on the podcast said, we are a planet of 7.5 billion souls and we are all connected. Now is the time when we are moving out of the Picean Age where we have been for the last few decades where its a win or lose mentality. Me first, you last. Now we are moving into, like the song says, the age of aquarious, which is a more nurturing, connecting and helping each other age. (The opposite of what it feels like right now!) But we need more light workers and positive people to do the work and spread the message that we aren't going to stand for the old ways anymore. Not being good to ourselves or our planet is taking it's toll and it is time for a shift.

Sounds good to me.