Cryo why are you so cold?

I sat down with Alexa of Cryology in Babylon on Long Island. Along with her brother Taylor, (and her Dad is a personal trainer there as well, a family affair, I love it), they own this establishment that offers full body cryotherapy, local cryo, cryo facial, infrared suana, normatec leg massage, (I know, me neither so you have to listen!), salt therapy and personal training.

If you have never investigated cryotherapy before it is a 3 minute session in this chamber that is cooled by nitrogen and the temp goes down to 250 degrees below zero! Alexa explains in the podcast that its tricking the body that it's under duress, (some trick, I am under duress!) and your sympathetic nervous system, or your fight or flight response gets triggered. The body goes into action and the blood leaves your appendages and moves to your organs to protect them. After 3 minutes, (Alexa was there the entire time so your not going to Han Solo and freeze yourself), you step out and you can literally feel the blood rushing back to your appendages. I felt an adrenal rush and something a long the lines of euphoric for a little while even! Afterwards, I continued to feel great and even woke up the next day and bounced out of bed ready to go.

If you're on Long Island, check out Cryology in Babylon. And listen to the podcast to hear Alexa and I talk more extensively about cryotherapy as well as all the other modalities they offer as well. By the way, we recorded our podcast in the Salt Room, which has amazing healing properties as well.