Parenting More Authentically

Small Shifts in parenting can awaken little souls...-Meghan S Phillips


This week I got a chance to sit down with Meghan Phillips. Meghan is a social worker by day and parenting blogger/budding author in her spare time of being a single parent to two great kids.

Her book is a work in progress called What I Wish for you: Helping our kids discover their authentic selves. We have a conversation about teaching kids empathy, compassion, gratitude, among other things. Teaching our kids how amazing it feels to be kind to others and help people when you can.

As well as how to be more a more conscious parent by staying present and that sometimes you aren't always right and it's ok to teach your kids that when you are wrong you say sorry, just like you expect them to.

We are living in a world where we are more divided than ever and it's time to stop pointing fingers at each other and accept accountability, responsibility and ownership of the fact that we created this world together and together is the only way we are going to right this ship. Be a good example to the next generation because at this point all they are learning from us is what not to do.

I loved our conversation and look forward to more as well as Meghan's book coming out in the future! Check Meghan out on instagram at meghansphillips or her website