Carol Galanty Life

The body has the ability to heal itself. -Carol Galanty

I got a chance to sit down with my friend, wellness advocate Carol Galanty. Carol is a yogi, she works with essential oils, teaches meditation and a plant based whole food diet to create an optimum lifestyle for herself, her family and her clients.

Her own health problems led her to this path and it organically grew into a lifestyle and then a career path. Carol believes that your body has the natural ability to heal itself if you are mindful and make the right choices in what you put in your body.

So what ails you? Are you willing to make the change to start to feel better? I think sometimes we just get addicted to feeling bad. I don't want to stop this bad habit because now I've been doing it for so long it feels familiar.

Sometimes we have to make a big decision in our personal lives to remove the toxins. It takes brutal self awareness and total honesty about taking ownership of your own life. If you ignore the toxins, be it bad food, to much alcohol or a toxic relationship, If you don't recognize it and remove it, the universe (or just your own bod), will say ok, you aren't listening to me so I'm going to throw a major cog in your wheel and that is when things start to fall apart. (either physically or emotionally or all of the above)

We don't have to wait until something big happens, you can take charge of your life and avoid a major upset. It ain't easy! But it's worth it.

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