Magnificent Goddess'

I said it before and I will say it again! I get to meet the coolest people doing the podcast. Today I sat down with Kundalini teacher, Essa Keller, who has been on the podcast before and award winning PR and Marketing goddess, Ashley Steinmetz. These two have teamed up to hold a retreat this summer on the east end of Long Island called Magnificent Marketing & Kundalini Retreat.

These ladies are passionate about what they do and want you to be to. Empowering women,(men to but this retreat is for the ladies!), who are heart based entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. A heart based business is not out just to make money, (although that is really important!), but to also provide products and services with the end goal of inspiring, helping and improving the lives of others through their own passion. And these ladies have this in spades.

For so many years heart based entrepreneurs have had a disconnect with the energy that surrounds money. We are leaving the picean age and entering the aquarian age where we are all learning that you can nurture, care for and be vulnerable in business, (which is the bravest thing you could ever be!), and also bring home the damn paycheck that is going to enable you to the the life you are worthy of and deserve!

It makes my heart happy to connect with like minded people. You don't want to preach to the choir all the time and it's nice to be challenged by trying to understand where someone else is coming from, but when you can meet with people who are picking up what your putting down you lift each other up and have the opportunity to run on a higher vibration, as my Scottish friend Stevie Mac says, Magic!

Ashley is offering listeners of the podcast a discounted rate. So if you are out this way sign up! I want to meet you and maybe even share your story on the podcast! If you mention me or the podcast you will not only get the early bird rate she will also send you for no additional cost, a self guided training How To Grow Your Email List Like A Yoga Celeb. I can't wait to check that out as well! Go to Ashley's website to sign up!  

You can also follow these ladies on Instagram! (where you meet the nicest people!)

@ashleysteinmetzpr and @essa_keller