Divorce Course

You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story & hustle for your worthiness. –Brene Brown


I sat down to chat with my friend Victoria McCooey about a very important topic, domestic violence. After being in an abusive relationship herself, Victoria decided to dedicate herself to helping other women take back control of their lives.

She bravely shares her story in hopes that it will give other people the confidence to leave an abusive relationship.


Victoria became a life coach and eventually a divorce coach. I had never heard of a divorce coach but as she explains, when you’re emotionally beaten down everything becomes harder. She coaches the women who she works with by first and foremost making sure they are practicing self-care. From there you can regain a clear perspective and step by step regain your inner strength that in turn brings everything else, finances, child care, etc into perspective.


I am so grateful that Victoria sat down with me to talk about this very important topic. Thanks Victoria! You are a badass!!

You can reach Victoria on Facebook at The Divorce Course for Women.

Or her Instagram @winyourdivorce

As well as her website http://divorcecourseforwomen.com/