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Balance it out -Colette Lettieri

I got a chance to sit down with Health and Lifestyle Coach, Colette Lettieri. Colette's back ground in Social Work and special education combined with her certification as a Health Coach is really the full package in helping people from the individual to the entire family, lead their best, healthiest and happiest lives.

"Balance it out" is a mantra in the Lettieri house. You can't always be eating organic perfect food. Sometimes life gets in the way or you find yourself at a party or a friend's house for a celebration and you have to make a decision to have the wine or eat the birthday cake. No regrets, go ahead and pick a different spot in your week to enable you to "balance it out".

Awareness, accountability, responsibility and ownership is becoming a recurring theme in a lot of my podcasts. We are ultimately responsible for our own health and wellness, it's just nice to know there are people like Colette out there who want to share her knowledge to help other people feel their best. We all run on vibration. You know when someone who has great energy walks into a room and you can just feel it? (subsequently you can also feel the not so great energy, so be responsible for the energy you bring!) That feeling is contagious!! You get around these high vibration people and something amazing occurs, your vibration starts to rise as well! Next thing you know, we are all happier, healthier and more connected to each other as well as our true selves.

So neighbor, I am pulling for you! I want you as happy, healthy, and successful as you can be. Because if you're doing great, than I'm doing great too.


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