9/11 Then and Now with Maura Coughlin Roberti

My friend Maura and I got a chance to sit down together to talk about losing her husband Timmy in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Timmy left Maura and their three children Ryann, Sean and Riley, that morning to go to work only to never come home. Maura talks about life in the days after 9/11 and how it affects her and her family today, finding love again and growing her family with the addition of her and her husband Billy Roberti's son, Kevin.

We talk about how resilient the human spirit is, when the most tragic and unimaginable things can happen in your life you still find the will to get up the next day and go on. Life is always changing and sometimes its a bump in the road and sometimes it's a crater in your path. How are you going to handle it?

I think about the unity we all had in the days after 9/11. United we stood in the days following. I look how divided we are now and it's been through natural disasters we are getting back to understanding that we are here to help each other, not hurt each other.  We need to come together and stop this division before the universe takes off her 70's belt buckle and says come over here and I'll give you something to cry about.

We could have told a million Cogi stories but maybe that should be for another time with a laregr group. Brews will be served.

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