Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

As Winston Churchill famously said in 1941, Never, Ever, Ever Give Up. This is a quote that Angela, a woman I met through mutual connections on Instagram personifies. This past October, at 40 years old, Angela discovered she had suffered a stroke. This single mom of three boys tells her inspirational story on the podcast. I arrived at Angela's in the morning while she was blending her bulletproof coffee and her protein smoothie and had already gone to an hour long spin class earlier that morning. (I did mention she is recovering from a stroke, right??) I sat down and prepared to be inspired and she did not disappoint.

Through her journey she constantly looks for the silver lining. Her attitude and what she teaches to her children by example is quite simply, someone else always has it worse than you so pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep moving forward and above all be nice.

Angela found that between her community, her family and friends and the brilliant idea of hiring a coach, Colette Lettieri, (who has formerly been on the podcast), has helped her tremendously in her recovery. She has learned and grown through this experience and chooses to see the good things brought on by her stroke and has put an emphasis going forward in her life to take care of herself. A thing that mother's, especially single mom's, usually feel like they simply don't have time to do.

Angela looks for the beautiful things and the good things and the things that make life a little better.  I feel very fortunate to have gotten a chance to sit down and talk to someone with such an upbeat and positive look on life.

Life is going to at some point, take you down to your knees. That is a fact for every one of us. How fast you get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward is what counts. Oh, and above all, be nice.

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