Your children's lives will be filled with rich experiences. Its good if yours is as well.


I found my new friend Jan Crable through her beautiful pictures of the mountains on Instagram and connected with her after I saw her post a hashtag that read, #postmomsyndrome. It really resonated with me and I knew exactly what she meant. I wasn't done being a mom. I will never be done with being a mom, and I don't ever want to be. Having my children has been the greatest privilege of my life and I love my family very much. However, there comes a time when your children inevitably grow up and go out on their own, and your role moves from, as we say on our podcast together, manager to consultant.

What does this look like and feel like? How do we figure out what is next, who we are and oh hey, hi husband, I remember you! We talk about the difference between tradition and ritual and how being flexible and open minded is going to make your new and ever changing role as this mom a lot easier on everyone. Including and especially yourself.

We chat about having a meditation practice and learning to appreciate and accept things for what they are, instead of worrying about what it's not. I loved chatting with Jan and I hope you love hearing it!

You can check out Jan's pictures

@jancrable and also on her other instagram photo she shares with a friend @mtnmamas

Thanks again Jan!