Carry The Fire

My father, Jeff Frank, started a school called The Nature Lyceum. It was a labor of love for him and he ignited a fire in people who not only attended the class but taught there as well. Or maybe they ignited the fire? Or everything was up in flames. Regardless, it was a cool school.

Two days a month Jeff would gather a host of teachers, professionals he knew, to come and speak to the students that ranged from a homeowner who wanted to hear more about leaning in to living more holistically to a golf course super trying to make his job and his members lives, a little safer by using organics.

Everyone that taught at the school spoke passionately about their love, mother Earth. These people care, and it showed. You could feel it and it does my heart good to know that in this day and age there are people who will go that extra mile for a cause greater than all of us, our planet.

One of these teachers was my father's friend, and happily now mine, Stephen Storch. Steve is the creator of the Vortex Brewer and practices organic and biodynamic farming in Watermill on the east end of Long Island, NY. My daughter Beth and I got to sit down and chat with Steve, (twice because we had tech difficulties recording the first podcast so he graciously made time for us again!!)

I used to ask my dad after the two day class where SO much info was shared, dad, give me the number 1 thing to take away from this class. While ALL of the info was invaluable, if he had to pick, he always said, Biodynamics. Biodynamics, in my opinion, is where science and spirituality meet. You have to pay attention to the moon and the time of year and make the preps a certain way that involves all of the elements, "so the Earth may be healed". I don't have enough knowledge to give it justice so check out Steve's website to see more about what he does to join, as his website says, heritage wisdom with modern technology.

I love getting to sit down and talk to Green Guerilla's. Beth is currently attending Columbia Journalism School and unsurprisingly, she chose the environment as her "beat". Steve was an awesome person to talk to and we always feel like Grandpa is around when in the presence of the good friends he shared his passion with. As I said, my father was a friend in deed. He cared so much, he even wanted to save the world.