Human Design with Essa

I went to a retreat a few weeks back with my favorite Kundalini Yoga teacher, Essa Keller. She and marketing guru Ashley Steinmetz of Perfect Wave Marketing, did a great job combining Kundalini and how to grow your heart based biz. I loved the combo and invite you to check them both out. The first thing Essa had us do was go to a website and down load out free Human Design chart. Within minutes of looking at this chart Essa was able to determine exactly who she was working with and in what way would they get the most out of the weekend retreat. I was fascinated and although we learned invaluable info that weekend, it was the Human Design chart that I became obsessed with knowing more about.

What is Human Design you ask? It's basically a user manual for life. It can help navigate you through life while allowing you to tap into who you really are and how to honor your inner guidance system by making the right decisions based on who you really are. Not as someone's spouse, parent or child, but as you the individual.

Really fascinating and sometimes complicated. But once you understand it, an invaluable tool for life.

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Be you, have fun, get it done. Peace...